Techcombank Case Study

Techcombank Case Study: Migrate reporting system to Power BI on-premise


One of the largest joint-stock banks in Vietnam, Techcombank provides a range of consumer and commercial financial services. It is a market leader in digitalization applications, especially in customer service (8.4 million customers by 2021).


The bank manages enormous volumes of transaction data. Managers need to respond to this information in real-time. -Lack of resources with Power BI expertise to perform the migration. -Multiple sources of data with little governance. -Report mechanism takes up to 1 month to deliver information to managers; data is still siloed.


We provide a full deployment of an on-premise Power BI Report Server. Currently, our Power BI experts are creating a centralized dashboard that oversees all bank activities for thousands of bank personnel, and hosting Power BI training for Techcombank analysts. We plan to optimize and automate credit analysis procedures and lead generation applications.

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