Retail Client Case Study

Retail Client Case Study: BI Roadmap


The client researches and manufactures technological devices and systems.

Service Model: Combines Azure Data Services with Power BI


With booming sales, new products, and expanding markets, the company sought a comprehensive BI strategy to address them:

  • Lack of resources for building a modern DW solution.
  • BI reports that were subpar in delivering insights and decision-making (slow speed, manual work).
  • Heavy dependency of business users on IT for reports.


We devised a 4-stage roadmap to BI maturity that defines the vision, people, processes, tools, and architecture. Currently we are in Phase 1 Assessment, and aim to implement a cloud-powered data warehouse and advanced ML applications in Automated Sales and Customer Segmentation. The service model combines Azure Data Services and Power BI.


  • Finance reports are now automated; average loading speed reduced from the 90s to 5s.
  • Boosted bottom-line profit & productivity by reducing manual overhead.
  • Empower business users to co-create reports via self-service BI.
  • Single-version-of-truth through data modeling in the warehouse.

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