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Data Warehouse

Normally, raw data is distributed scatteredly on multiple sources. When you request data from the IT department, you have to wait for a time-consuming process. The result may not even up to your expectation for business insights or decision making. We simply response to your needs one step at a time. With step 1 of Data Warehouse, we centralize large amount of raw data from different sources.


Data Visualization

With step 2 of Data Visualization, we leverage the powerful set of 4 BI tools (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Looker) to access, analyze and present relevant findings in reports, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps. You will get an overall and visualized view of see what really matters and obtain valuable business insights.


Data Analytics

With step 3 of Data Analytics, we take a further uptake to focus on predictive techniques and exploit the powers of business analytics. Different from Business Intelligence which provide insights of current state of the business, Data Analytics allow you will be able foresee what happen in the future and which decision can bring better results.


E-Commerce Analytics

With Business Intelligence service, we can unify data from multiple platforms (website, 3-5 social channels, CRM, email tools…) and bring a boarder view picture of your business. Prior to the BI solution, your data is scattered in varied sources and the struggle of creating a report is real. We’ve been there and done that. This solution is surely better than just solely depending on Google Analytics. For example, you can use our solution to make better customer segmentation and deliver personalized service. For Data Analytics service, you can analyze customers events and advertising to lower costs and increase decision making ability, or analyze marketing channels for higher traffic and conversion rate.

Finance & Banking Analytics

Finance sector brings both the opportunities and difficulties of dealing with big data. The main question is how to sort through all the data and determine what is useful data? Here are some cases we’ve experienced but not limited at:

  • Better customer targeting and ensuring growth By understanding customers and by using data analytics of their transactions, banks and payment services can make sure that they offer the best services suited for what their customers need. Besides, data analysis helps Insurers use new sources of data to target better based on the potential and suitable products and services they are offering.
  • More accurate risk assessment, underwriting, and pricing processes Data analysis can help financial service institutions evaluate the risk profile of their credit or insurance. It means they are able to lower risk costs and be aware of fraud more quickly, especially accurate in their alignment with the corresponding levels of risk.
  • Improving productivity and decision-making. By applying data analysis, financial service institutions can provide faster responses to regulatory requests. For example, they can allocate better ATM placement and how much cash is required at each ATM.

HR Analytics

HR professionals are constantly striking to be more data-driven in their work, and BI & Data Analytics will be their best accompany for that purpose. HR Analytics can also be interpreted as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics. HR no longer need to decide based on their intuitive feelings, they leverage the data and make sound decisions and develop better Human Resources Management. The global pandemic is adding more challenges in employments, that why it’s utterly important for HR to make correct decisions based on real-time data. Our solution empowers HR but not limited to these following examples:

  • Conversion rate for all stages of talent acquisition.
  • Statistics on the number of applications and hiring success by each HR.
  • Hiring cost by application sources.
  • Employee engagement analytics based on meaning, autonomy, growth, impact, connection.

Retail Analytics

Not only the online business but also the Retail and Wholesale sector can benefit from our service. You can request from us a demand forecast report, thus helps sellers keep the right amount of inventory on-hand and delivered in time. You can even collect shopping patterns and local events data to optimize staffing.

Healthcare Analytics

With hand-on working experience with a major public hospital, we take pride in catering to hospital needs in data visualization and data analytics services. For hospital and healthcare centers in general, the main requirement is a centralized health records systems to improve public health and save lives. Here are some of our cases that you can check to understand the application of BI & Data Analytics better:

  • Smart staffing in hospitals
  • Disease risk prediction for patients
  • Tracing spread of infectious diseases via neural networks.

Logistics & Transportation Analytics

Familiar with various industries, we understand that each client has their own set of business needs. As a technology consulting firm, we maintain sincere communication and transparency for you to access to a whole team of experts holding diverse talent in logistics and transportation. Here are some cases we used to work on:

  • Revenue management
  • Technological enhancements in logistics
  • Competitive advantage by consolidating shipments and optimizing freight movement

Governmental Sector Analytics

Government stands the most well-known example of big data. The enormous and centralized source of data calls the needs of data unification and data analytics. Over 2 years of experience working with governmental sectors has brought us both knowledge in various sectors and ability to meet the high standard of government requirements. For example, governments use of data analysis:

  • Traffic controlling
  • Route planning
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Congestion management by predicting traffic conditions

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